Dollie Hair Extensions – Best Tips Clip-In Hair Extensions

We know our customers want long lasting gorgeous hair that is why we take our time when selecting each batch of hair for a product you can rely on. Dollie only supplies high quality 100% human hair for your extensions to achieve the look you desire. We are suppliers in hair that doesn’t tangle or breakdown so you can be confident when purchasing one of our products.

Clip in hair extensions are an ideal way to use micro hair extensions without the long-term commitment of sewing or gluing in hair extensions. Clip-ins are available in small, 1-inch strips that can be applied individually or larger wefts of up to 6 inches long that may run around the entire head. When applied properly, clip-ins can comfortably and securely remain in place all day long.

As we know that, Clip in hair extensions for the selection of the most women would like to have the most efficient to do is answer the question. Clip in hair extensions are an easy way to create a variety of fabulous hairstyles from undoes to braided styles, you can do it all! Your hair is not long or thick enough for the perfect messy high bun, try adding a few clip in hair extensions to help get the look.

Tips for Finding Clip-In Hair Extensions

There are women that are just so impulsive when it comes to buying things. When you are one of them, it is better to know first if you really need the product or not or is it really worth your money. These days, Clip In Hair Human Extensions became a fad to women because celebrities and models are wearing them on TV or any social gathering occasions. You may need to know which the best clip-in hair extensions are as this is one of the easiest to use.

It is common these days that we would choose those things and foods that can be used or eaten easily and can be cooked quickly. Just like in microbead hair extensions, clip-ins are in because it can be easily put on or removed without causing too much damage on the hair. This is why a lot of women prefer to choose this kind.

Find the best among them be sure that you know the following:

• Hair Color- you need to know your hair color so that you can easily match on them
• Hair thickness- this will need you to know if your hair is thick, fine, or medium thick
• Hair texture- know if you are having a straight, wavy or curly hair
• Hair length- there is some hair extensions that require a minimum length of hair.

Be sure that you will look good with the choice you make. These hair extensions clip in are investments so you need to find the best.

About Dollie Hair Extensions, We want you to be as comfortable with your hair purchase as possible. We are happy to answer your questions if you need help and we will do our best to ensure you have a great hair shopping experience. If you’re not sure which type of hair is right for you or have any other questions about our products, you can email us at and one of our hair gurus will be able to assist you. We respond to all enquiries within 12-24 hours.


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  1. #1 by Micro Bead Hair Extensions on July 8, 2013 - 4:55 am

    hair in clip extension is the one of the way from where you can achieve your favorite hairstyle.with the use of hair in clip extension your looks thick,natural and beautiful!!!

    Thank you,

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